Summer is a time to enjoy the great
outdoors, but it is also important
to keep safety in mind. Consider
the following tips, provided by the
National Fire Protection Association,
to keep you and your family safe all
summer long.
When using a charcoal grill,
only use starter fluids designed
for barbecue grills; do not add
fluid after coals have been lit.
When using a gas grill, ensure
the hose connection is tight;
check hoses for leaks. Applying
soapy water to the hoses will
easily and safely reveal any leaks.
When camping, always use a
flame-retardant tent and set
up camp far away from the
Always build a campfire
downwind from the tent area.
Clear vegetation and dig a
pit before building your fire.
Extinguish the fire before going
to sleep or leaving the campsite.
Store liquid fire starter (not
gasoline) away from your tent
and campfire and only use dry
kindling to freshen a campfire.
Source: Servpro